Curriculum Information

National Statement

In 2006 all Australian states and territories approved the "National Statement for Engaging Young Australians with Asia in Australian Schools". The statement identifies the broad knowledge, understandings, values and skills required to engage with Asia and the rationale for developing knowledge and understandings of Asia and Australia’s relationship with Asia. This includes contributing to:
  • a harmonious Australia
  • a creative Australia
  • a prosperous Australia
Engaging learners with Asia is underpinned by intercultural understandings and the values and dispositions
required to support a harmonious multicultural society.

Australian Curriculum

Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia is a cross-curriculum priority in the Australian curriculum. The inclusion of this priority allows all young Australians to develop a better understanding of the countries and cultures of the Asia region. ACARA has consulted with educators and organisations such as the Asia Education Foundation in developing this specific cross curriculum perspective. Please see the ACARA website for further details. 


Studies of Asia in the Northern Territory Curriculum Framework (NTCF)

Studies of Asia (SoA) is a cross-curriculuar perspective in the Northern Territory Curriculum Framework. This provides opportunities for a strong focus on Asia at all levels of the curriculum. The EsseNTial Learnings include exit outcomes which focus on developing values that support intercultural understandings. Specific content in The Arts, English, Studies of Society and Environment and Languages learning areas also awards opportunities for including studies of Asia and Australia.