After-school Student Classes


Please email for EOI for Thursday classes at

Darwin Languages Centre provides after-school language classes for primary, middle and senior students. Language classes include Junior, Senior, Continuers and Advanced.
2017-2018 Student Timetable
Student Fees Structure 2018
1 Student = $100 per term (no discounts)
We accecpt Sport Vouchers for term payments - please check the expiry date!
One Student for Bus/BBQ based on 10 weeks.
Snags & Poppas

$3 x 10 weeks = $30

Snags only

$2 x 10 weeks = $20

Poppa only

$1 x 10 weeks = $10




Bus charge: $4.00 per seat each term week.


Assigned BUS Courtesy Call: if your child/ren are absent from school on their allocated bus days, please phone or email DLC at your earliest convenience.  This will save an enormous amount of time phoning parents to find out if their child/ren are away ill, on holidays or school camps.  DLC is charged bus waiting times for your child/ren, and it is our duty of care to know the whereabouts of every child attending DLC. Make a note to email or phone the office on 8985 5359.


Note:  Not all schools have bus pick-up - expressions of interest taken - we need 6-7  paying students to run a bus service.
Please download an enrolment form fill it in and send to or send via fax to 8985 5286 or phone 8985 5359 for further assistance.
Darwin Languages Centre has a healthy eating policy. We encourage the students to bring healthy snacks, such as fruit to eat in the 15 minute break time at our classes.